Post-season Play

The post-season schedule can be found under the "Schedules" tab at the top of the website.  Please keep in mind that this schedule will not be available until after the final regular season game in completed.

The NIFC's current post-season theology is that the top 4 ranked teams will play in the NIFC post-season play-off game leading to a Championship game.

Game Seeds:

  • #1 Ranked Team vs #4 Ranked Team
  • #2 Ranked Team vs #3 Ranked Team

Winners of the above games will play each other in the Championship Game.

The conference shall establish the time and location of the Championship by an alphabetical rotation or by decision of the NIFC Executive Committee. The League is to establish proper awards for play-off teams/games. All participating teams will receive an award. A team under probation is ineligible to host a playoff or championship game. 

The following shall be used to determine Championship participants: 

  1. Conference record 
  2. Head to head record 
  3. Conference Points (19/Jul/2007) 
  4. Flip of a coin by Championship Committee 

Conference points shall be tallied in the following manner: Each winning team shall get one point for a win, plus a point for every win of the team that just played and lost. For example: Team A has 3 wins and loses to Team B, Team B would get 4 points (1 for the win and 3 for the previous wins of Team A) (19/Jul/2007) Points are accrued retroactively throughout the season. (08/Mar/2016)