Team Division Standards


  • Max of 8 years old
  • Weight Restrictions: 100 lbs.
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: 85 lbs
  • Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 107 lbs; Petitioned - 110
  • Ball size: Peewee


  • Max of 9 years old and under
  • Weight Restrictions: 125 lbs.
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: 110  lbs
  • Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 132 lbs; Petitioned - 135
  • Ball size: Junior


  • Max of 10 years old and under
  • Weight Restrictions: 135 lbs.
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: 120  lbs
  • Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 142 lbs; Petitioned - 145
  • Ball size: Junior


  • Max of 12  years old and under
  • Weight Restrictions: 165 lbs.
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: 140  lbs
  • Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 172 lbs; Petitioned - 175
  • Ball size: Youth

7th & 8th Grade

  • Max of 15 years old (7th and 8th grade) and under
  • Teams may be divided several ways depending on overall player breakdown (7th; 8th; Combo)
  • Weight Restrictions: None
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: None
  • Ball size: Junior



  • Ball Carrier: Any player that has the opportunity normally granted the ability to
    advance the ball (i.e. receivers, quarterbacks, running backs, tight-ends, etc.) Tight- ends that are not going to be used as receivers but rather strictly as blockers are not subject to this. Using a player that is Ball Carrier Ineligible to receive a pass or run with the football will be grounds for discipline for the offending team of coaches. 
  • Weight Restrictions: the high weight limit for a player to play within the division 
  • Max Ball Carrier Weight: the max weigh at which a player is eligible to be positioned
    as a Ball Carrier, regardless of whether the player carriers the ball (see above) 
  • Roster Weight and Game Day Weight: Weight of participant in full game day attire
    except shoulder pads and helmet.

Criteria Exemptions:    

Organizations head representatives may petition the Conference Committee in writing and in person with the parent(s) and player for the following division exceptions. The Conference Committee will review and vote on each case individually. Age level petitions will be considered for extreme cases only. Approval requires a majority vote of the Conference Committee prior to final roster turn-ins. The Conference Committee may revoke this exception at any time during or before the season at their discretion and move the player up. (20/Apr/2010) 

  • Organizations may petition athletes to play down 1 level if they weigh 60% or less of the maximum weight limits of their age level (20/Apr/2010)  
  • Players exceeding the weight criteria may petition to play at their age group. Any player who exceeds the weight restriction must be identified and limited to playing on either the offensive line or defensive interior line and not be able to advance the ball on offense. (04/Apr/2007) 
  • 12 yr old 7th graders may petition to play in the heavyweight division providing they do not have access to a 7th grade team (09/Apr/2009) (08/Mar/2016)